Funny Jacksonville… just funny –

Now don’t get us wrong by the title of our blog post – we enjoy our wonderful big little city to our south, Jacksonville, Florida. Lots of neat things to see and do there. The Jacksonville Jaguars of the NFL play their home games just down the St. Johns River from downtown. Then there’s a world class arena and a really nice baseball stadium (The Baseball Grounds) or something like that where the Jacksonville Suns Double AA professional baseball team plays (I’m sorry, they’re the JUMBO SHRIMP now)… I guess Suns was too plain.

The image below is looking north across the St. Johns River which shows a nice condo under construction and a small marina with some yachts in it. The lovely beige building behind it? Glad you asked.


It’s the Duval County Jail! Or as it is officially known, the John E. Goode Pre-trial Detention Facility. A jail for the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office (JSO). The jail was built in 1991 so you can’t say the condo builders didn’t know. It’s probably sitting on some pretty valuable property now, but back in 1991 not so much.

Oh well. It’s Jacksonville, funny Jacksonville.


Oh and here’s the arena – just down from the jail.


That’s the baseball grounds in the background left and the stadium for the Jaguars is just to the right of this picture. Boating is very popular.

Lots to see and do if you escape from the JSO.

Thanks for your visit.

Camera: Fujifilm FinePix S9900W



3 thoughts on “Funny Jacksonville… just funny –

  1. In Pittsburgh, where I used to live, there is a jail on prime real estate right on the river as well, but no brand new condo buildings being constructed next to, or near it…. yet :). Waterfront does not appear to have been very sought-after property location a few decades ago.

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  2. It is amazing to think that both Jacksonville and Pittsburgh have jails on their rivers. Pittsburgh has done some incredible things along their waterfronts especially when you see what it looked like in the 1950s. Their baseball stadium is fantastic!


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