Canon Autoboy S II (Super) – SLR Slayer!

One of Canon’s best compact 35mm film cameras of the mid ’90s. Also known as the Sure Shot Z135 in the US and the Prima Super 135 in Europe. This beauty features high-quality Canon optics with a powerful 38-135mm 3.6x zoom lens (f3.6 to f8.9). When released in March of 1996, it listed for ¥62,000 or about $540 USD! We’ve used the Autoboy in the past and we can vouch for the quality of the images it produces. 7 shooting modes, date/time and caption imprinting, auto flash modes and what Canon calls “AiAF”! Whoa!


autoboy logo 2

Gorgeous surfaces – well finished and appointed.

These “Modern Classics” deserve another look in this digital age. They’re the perfect way to get into film photography without busting the bank!

autoboy logo
Includes the crazy hard to find original Canon sales brochure for the Autoboy! 

The sales brochure was shot in and around Miami’s South Beach – some pretty awesome images inside from the post “Miami Vice” era!autoboy logo 3

The Autoboy has some heft to it (375g) – yes there’s plastic but of a much higher quality. The switches, levers, and whatnots are solid and the motor drive for the film transport and power zoom are quick and reasonably quiet.autoboy back logo

It features a super bright viewfinder and clear zoom indicator reference lines, 7 shooting modes and can imprint date/time and up to 7 captions in multiple languages! It’s easy to use and has a quick, accurate autofocus.

We think this Canon gives the much-touted Yashica-Kyocera T* cameras a good run for the money (I think it outperforms them albeit with a bit slower lens but with a crazy wide focal range!autoboy box collage

autoboy case collage

Of course, we’ve added this beauty to our online camera store at

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