Spam-a-lot – Don’t You Just Love IT?

No, not the movie or the “food” item. Those annoying SPAM messages in your emails. Sometimes the mixture of stuff can be funny. Like this weird combination…


Apparently, there’s a herpes “blitz” going on (whatever that is). Not sure what a “MILF” is either but I don’t want to know. Does anyone else’s SPAM look like this? Or even more bizarre I bet.

Oh well, we always hit the delete key.

Happy Day to y’all – skin tags and all!

3 thoughts on “Spam-a-lot – Don’t You Just Love IT?

  1. Yeah, it’s as weird or worse some days. I checked my spam about a week ago, and there were 141 notifications. I thought, “WTF?”. When I checked, they were obviously from the same “group”, Just with a different name in the heading. They make no sense, and are gibberish. Delete, delete, delete, etc, etc. I’m still not sure what the point of spam is. It’s a bizarre phenomenon. 😃

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