Yashica’s ‘Sailor Boy’ – 1962

Here’s another look at this cute little guy and his cousins. We’ve added a new boy via South Africa -more details shortly!

Chasing Classic Cameras with Chris

Yashica’s advertising figurine the ‘Sailor Boy’ first appeared in 1962 – closely associated with the launch of Yashica’s J-3 35mm single-lens reflex camera. It was made for Yashica by Modern Plastics of Japan and was produced in a variety of sizes – from a 20cm shop and dealer display model down to this little 10cm guy.

This one ⇓ came to our collection from Germany and man was he a dirty guy!

DSCF5218 Covered with a coat of nicotine and grime, he looked like he was in a bar room fight! But he has a good casting and the paint looks good. Notice how grungy his hat is.

DSCF5219 Since he was covered with a thin film of nicotine he was sticky! 

DSCF5220 Looks like he has a black eye! 

After some restoration work in the studio, he’s looking ⇓ much better and brighter.

DSCF5221 Nice and shiney! Still a hint of a black smudge…

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