Daily ‘Fuji-Fix’ the Fuji K-28


Fuji’s ‘Construction Camera’. For more check this out!

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One thought on “Daily ‘Fuji-Fix’ the Fuji K-28

  1. Thanks so much for your report on the Fuji Construction Camera. I just got mine today and your information is all that I can find on the web.

    I have a couple of points/questions.

    Even thought it is 28mm, the viewfinder field looks the same as some of my 35mm equivalent lens views. I guess I’ll test it to see the actual.

    You mentioned a fixed shutter speed of 1/100. Any idea of the f/stop range it uses?

    I used the Google translate app on my iPhone to look over the instructions. The translations are quite interesting.

    Again, thanks for posting the overview.


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