Yashima Flex Inspection Tag – update 1

Yashima Flex Insp Tag 2

Earliest known inspection tag from Yashima Kogaku Seiki Company – 1953

It seems at first glance to be nothing important, but to a fanatic Yashica collector, this is golden. It’s the earliest known tag from Yashima complete with serial number and inspector’s stamps.

What it is. Most cameras from Japan came with some sort of inspection tag, form or sticker. This one says it’s an Inspection Form (across the top). What makes this find special is that it was included with the first twin-lens reflex (TLR) camera that bore the company name – Yashima. The Yashima Flex TLR camera was produced between 1953 and 1954 before changing the name to Yashica Flex in subsequent models and the company became known as Yashica in 1958.

This would have hung from the camera body and the serial number of the camera is recorded on the tag (here the last two numbers are blocked). The inspector would have entered a date next to the word Showa – or that would have been entered by the camera store at the time of sale. I don’t have an image of the other side so I don’t know what additional info there would be.

Yashima Flex Green Book

This could be the instruction book (leaflet) that would have come with the camera but since none have been documented yet it could be something else entirely. My good friend Paul Sokk has suggested that it could be filled with a pad of papers for recording data about your photographs.

Kanji on Green Book

“Store​ the​ record​ of​ your​ photo​ data.​ Print​ your​ photos​ on​ this​ paper​ to​ better​ preserve​ your​ photos”.

This is the best translation that I can ascertain at this time. My Google translate app did poorly so this was provided by a person in Japan. I can’t say that I understand but without a peek of the other side or a view of the inside of the booklet, I can only guess as to what it really means.


This is the set I just purchased from Japan. It shows the size of the green booklet as it relates to the camera box.


Here’s a camera box from another set of mine and the instruction book from my Yashica Flex S. I’ve staged them to show how similar they are to one another in size compared to the green book. My instruction book is taller than the green book by about an inch and just a bit wider.

It finally got to me. After looking at this set in Japan and not knowing what the green book is I decided to purchase it. Oh well. I’ll know soon.


Thanks for stopping by! – Chris


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