Kodak Brownie Holiday Flash Outfit – 1956

From Kodak around 1956, this is a Brownie Holiday Flash 127 roll film camera set. Still with its original box and still fully functional. The set comes with flashbulbs, the detachable flash unit, strap, and the Midget Flashguard (vinyl shield) for the flash.


Made in the USA from rugged Bakelite and designed to last a lifetime.

DSCF7607 (2)

The flash takes (2) AA batteries and standard flashbulbs.


The camera uses 127 roll film which is still being manufactured and of course, is still processed via online labs (and via home processing). 120 roll film can also be used if you modify the film roll to fit. 127 format produces 4 x 6.4 cm negatives (1 5/8 x 2 1/4 inch).


The original box. I acquired this set from the original owner and his name “Bobby” is printed on the top center of the box (in red). He’s had it new since Christmas 1956.


I’ve tested everything but the flash (I didn’t want to waste a bulb) and the winder, the shutter operate properly. The direct-view viewfinder is clear and bright – I do see some dust and a few fingers of fungus on the lens but I believe it’s still capable of delivering nice vintage images.

If you haven’t used a brownie before they’re a blast to use and the 127 format produces a nice image that’s easy to scan.

It’s available in my online camera shop at http://www.ccstudio2380.com which is hosted by Etsy. I can ship it virtually worldwide and accept a variety of payments.

Thanks for stopping by and be sure to visit my shop as I’ve added many new items from my collection and have some exciting new finds to list shortly. – Chris

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5 thoughts on “Kodak Brownie Holiday Flash Outfit – 1956

  1. Are you interested in purchasing another Brownie Holiday flash outfit? It’s in original box just like the one you showed. I don’t have the vinyl shield to go over the flash, and the original flash bulbs were used long ago.
    I do have a few extra flash bulbs in a separate box.
    In looking at your web site I noticed Met’s paraphernalia, I have 2 ticket stubs to the Perfect game Jim Bunning of the Phillies pitched against the Met’s on Fathers Day 1964. I’ve seen the same stubs in Cooperstown.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Tom,
      Thank you for the offers but I’m trying to clear out my collection of Kodak and Polaroid cameras at this time. As far as the Mets tickets they sound like they’d be worth quite a bit but I only collected ticket stubs to games that I or someone in my family attended. That was some game back then too bad my Mets were on the wrong end of history that day!


      1. Chris,
        Thanks for the prompt response. Could you estimate the value of the camera set and any ideas where to sell it? I remember the day my mom bought it, unfortunately my son is not nostalgic, so it will probably end up in the trash when I’m gone.

        Regarding the ticket stub, I was an 11 year old kid, and found the game boring with no hitting or base runners for the Mets, my dad tried to explain we were seeing history…well at least in the 2nd game of the scheduled doubleheader the Mets got 2 runs, but lost 8-2!

        Liked by 1 person

  2. Tom,
    Great memories to be sure. I got to go to a game with my dad at the Polo Grounds in 1962 or early 1963. he passed away in November 1963 so he never saw Shea Stadium. I grew up going to Shea and we were known as the ‘Shea Rats’ by our friends. I even went to game 3 at Shea and saw my Miracle Mets destroy the O’Birds.
    You might try the selling app Mercari.com. It’s easy as pie to start and it’s free. I see lots of Holiday Brownies on there now.
    Best of luck and if you need more help with Mercari you can email me at ccphotographyai@gmail.com


    1. Chris,
      Thanks again, just heard commercial for Mercari yesterday, 1st time. Will check it out.

      Back to baseball, I went to Polo Grounds in 1963, (sorry about your Dad) my dad had been a Giants fan, never warmed up to Mets, I became a yankee fan like my uncle, I saw Reggies Homers in 1977?, Jim Abbott (1 handed pitcher) no hitter, and have been to every major league baseball stadium, except new one in Teaxs, Covid cancelled me last year. Hope to make it this year
      Take care


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