Yashica’s Electronic Marvel

The Yashica TL Electro X was one of Yashica’s most successful 35mm SLR out of a line-up that included many winners but also plenty of losers. The TL Electro X made its debut in the fall of 1968 (October) and was produced until early 1974. Many thousands were made over that span and although we have many examples in our collection, this is the only one that still has its original box.


This one is from May 1969.

The dealer display card states “World’s First SLR With IC Computer”. This example is fully functioning including the built-in electronic TTL exposure meter (TTL – Thru The Lens). I imagine that the ‘TL’ in the name relates to where the meter is located.

The Yashica TL Electro X is a fun camera to use and the metering system is easy to master. They’re readily available through online auction sites and clean, working examples can be found at comfortable prices. Caution is needed if the seller says they’re not sure if it works as the alkaline 6v battery (A544) is available for under $5 so there’s no reason not to test the camera and meter before listing it.

The Auto Yashinon-DX f/1.7 50mm lens that’s standard with most TL Electro X’s is plenty fast enough with medium speed film and I’ve always found it to be sharp enough at all apertures. The body takes M42 screw mount lenses of which there are still plenty to go around.

If you’re looking for a great camera to get into film photography than we highly recommend this model.

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