A Yashica A III and its ‘hat’…

I’m a sucker for a classic camera that looks like it was in a museum its whole life and still works like new (who wouldn’t?). I especially love vintage cameras that have some if not all of their original marketing bits and pieces. Here is a perfect example of why I collect and chase classic cameras.

Yashica A III from late 1959.

This terrific little eye-catcher is affectionately known as a ‘hat’. That piece of paperboard that’s sitting on top of my Yashica A III. When you went into a camera shop back in the day, there were dozens of shiney new cameras wanting to catch your eye. One way to do so was to plop a hat on your camera to make it stand out and communicate something in the briefest of glances.

Nothing Earth-shaking but enough to tell you something without asking the salesperson anything. The price, some shutter specs, and of course, the type of lens. A nice leather case for another 800 yen. I’ve had a few of these hats from Yashica in my collection and they never fail to put a smile on my face (I know, I’m easily entertained). Thanks for stopping by. Have you seen a similar thing on another brand’s TLR? If so, let me know, or better yet share a pic. Chris

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