A Little More Pigeon Poo…


It would appear that this Pigeon may be a rather rare version. From late 1952 to early 1953… is this a Model IIA? It doesn’t match completely with the other known Pigeon models.

The Shinano Pigeon 35 was not a groundbreaking camera during its run… it was just a solidly built 35mm viewfinder camera that still works like a charm even after 6 decades of use. Shinano, which had its roots in Suwa, Nagano Prefecture in the early 1950s, would cross paths with another start-up manufacturer from Nagano… Yashima. Yashima would go on to make its first TLR and call it a ‘Pigeonflex’. Shinano faded and Yashima eventually changed its name to Yashica (1958) and the name Pigeon essentially dropped from sight and memory.


Complete filter set and lens shade from Shinano for the Pigeon 35.


Vintage view of the Pigeon 35 Model IIA.

More images soon… from the camera! If you would like to know more about the Shinano Pigeon and all things related to Yashima-Yashica twin-lens reflex cameras, please stop by my friend Paul’s amazing website http://www.yashicatlr.com/Pigeonflex.html#pigeon35

Thanks for the visit… Chris and Carol

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