Yashica Super Yashinon-R Lens… by Tomioka Optical

Nice little addition to our Pentamatic family of lenses. Purchased in Japan and was with an early model Pentamatic’35’ set in “well used” but stable working condition. It came with the original Yashica brown leather case, unbranded plastic rear lens cap, Yashica front metal 52mm push-on lens cap, unbranded lens hood and a very nice looking Walz chrome metal and glass Skylight C. (cloudy) 52mm filter.


Pentamatic bayonet mount 13.5cm short telephoto lens… f/3.5 with rather low serial number. Early Yashica lenses were often given a serial number that starts with the focal length of the lens. In this example, ‘135 0722’ shows it to be a 135mm lens with a sequential production number of 722. Best guess is that this lens was made in late 1959. We have another Super Yashinon-R 13.5cm lens with a serial number of ‘135 0927’.

The above image shows the lens partially disassembled for cleaning and inspection. No fungus or mold, but I’ve found some funky streaks on the face of the first removable lens element (large lens element to the right).


First lens section removed.


Main lens element removed. If you look closely, you may see the funky streaks across the face of the lens.


Aperture blades set at f/ 22. No oil and no problems (looking into the lens barrel from the front of the lens). Note the 12 aperture blades.


Partially assembled body. Nice clear markings and solid looking bayonet mount.

These first Pentamatic lenses were not automatic and were the kings of the heavyweight division. Lots of metal and glass here! When properly stored they were not prone to fungus… but almost all classic lenses will have some sort of mold, dust or fungal issues when left in the dark and in their leather cases.

Thanks for the visit!

Chris and Carol

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15 thoughts on “Yashica Super Yashinon-R Lens… by Tomioka Optical

    1. Thanks again for your comments. I only have a few in my database so knowing your serial number helps. Good to know if there is a cap on production (1,000) it will give me a chance to look deeper. I have another Super Yashinon-R 13.5 with the serial number 1350927.
      R/ Chris


  1. I have the Super Yashinon-R 3.5cm which I absolutely love on my Sony A7r, I had to modify a Sony/Minolta AF adapter to be able to use it, and just bought the Super Yashinon-R 10cm, both are beautifully made, I wish more presets of this quality existed.
    Sn.35096x & 100106x, I assume they’re fairly early 1960/61

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    1. Thanks for your comment J-Man! I would think the 3.5cm could be a very late 1959 with that serial number. Mine is 0246. Is it marked Tominon in addition to Super Yashinon? Are either of your lenses marked Tominon? Thanks for letting me know and for the SNs for my database.
      R/ Chris


  2. Thanks again for that info. The one’s marked Tominon are the first off the production line at Tomioka Optical and as such were numbered slightly differently. They are awesome lenses to be sure!
    R/ Chris


  3. Hi Chris, I have three of the 13.5cm like yours. One I use most of the three is really sharp(see mflense), other two are sitting on display.
    FYI, version of this super yashinon-r takes apart easily for cleaning. Chrome nose ring like what you have shown, mid half which separates the focus assembly and the lens assembly. Separates under second ring on the two preset rings.
    BTW, the flange mount is removable also for you to adapt away 🙂

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  4. Your welcome Chris!
    Mines are 13.5cm f2.8. Sorry for the clutter. Never knew there is f3.5 version of this range. But sorry to say that it is only speculation that tomioka really made them for yashica since no “tominion” on the rings. Regardless, I am a happy and a proud owner.
    Great collection you have btw. I am only an occasional user.

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    1. Thanks for your kind comments Jo. I can tell you that Tomioka Optical of Tokyo made lenses for many camera manufacturers in the 1950s and 1960s. All of Yashica’s lenses were made by Tomioka, branded or unbranded. Yashica purchased Tomioka in 1968 and was absorbed within the company. When Kyocera killed Yashica, they retained the lens production of Tomioka. They (Tomioka Optic) are still making lenses in their original Tokyo facilities.


      1. Yes Chris, i read tomioka indeed made and or designed lenses for many outfits.
        I do have a couple of yashi ML’s. Yashica ML 50 1.4 sharing the same designs with Yashinon DS-M 50 1.4 when I made comparison. Even the Mamiya sekor 55 1.4 when I took it apart for cleaning is pretty close other than being obviously bigger in size. Chinon 50 1.7 seemed to be the same design(just as well built) wise but smaller.

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