Pentamatic S and friends…

We’ve recently found a nice looking friend for our collection… well, friends. Like almost all collections, ours doesn’t need more friends – more space maybe, but no new friends. This flash came as an accessory to a recent purchase of a Yashica twin-lens reflex camera (from 1956). After a quick cleaning we attached it to our S to see how they would look together – smashing we think! The Kodak Kodachrome is from 1959 and adds a nice touch to the set up. We’ve always loved the bright yellow and red metal film cans from Kodak.


We put our Pentamatic S, from early 1961 or so, and the Zeiss Ikon Ikoblitz 4 (late 1950s?) together. Sadly the flash takes a now defunct battery and has a capacitor so not much we can do except enjoy the view.


They make for a handsome display. All are age appropriate too.


With the flash tucked away in its hard plastic shell it takes on an interesting look.

Hope you enjoyed your visit and if you care to, please leave a comment or suggestion for us. Of course if you know more about the Zeiss Ikon flash or want to contribute something about the Pentamatic, please do so!

Many thanks again… Chris and Carol

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4 thoughts on “Pentamatic S and friends…

  1. Ikoblitz 4 uses commonly accessible “Mallory” type 15V battery. I paid $3 or so a piece ( w/free shipping as I remember…) for Eveready No. 504 ( NEDA 220). Ikoblitz family of flashes have built-in main capacitor and they last forever. Many other “fan” flashes ( Samoca, Ricoh, e.t.c.) use add-on caps, which are quite hard to come by but once you have it – again – it works forever. Those caps are dry type ( not electrolytic) and there’s really nothing that could go wrong with them ( unless you run it over with your car or puncture it on purpose…)

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  2. Ikoblitz fans were natively coupled with Zeiss Contaflexes and I can see two types of connections here : one standard “pc” and one Zeiss proprietary plug-in ( sort of “hot shoe” type) – e.g. on C-flex Super II . I have whole bunch of working Ikoblitz 4 and 5 fans but I only noticed two types of bulbs on them : P25 ( cheapo) and M5/M5B ( more expensive but I get them cheap, too…). I’d have to take more extensive tour to my “camera museum”, though to be sure that they only use two types listed…

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