Fuji’s Pet 35 – 1959

Fuji Photo Film Company’s Pet 35 was introduced in 1959. As best as we can tell, the Pet was only available in the home market. Few nice examples exist today and even fewer with their original leather case.

Here’s an example of a very popular camera for Fuji during the late 1950s and early 1960s.



A Pet 35 leather case in all of its 1950s glory!


The Pet 35 fits snugly into its leather case – the front does not detach so it always flops around (and weakens the crease).


One of the coolest logos around.

If you run across a nice Fuji Pet 35 don’t pass it by. They are very much a real 35mm camera with excellent qualities – a glass lens with selectable apertures and adjustable focus. We haven’t run a roll of film through it yet but it’s on our list.

Camera: Fujifilm FinePix S9900W


6 thoughts on “Fuji’s Pet 35 – 1959

    1. Hello and thank you! Yes they are. Our collection is a fluid thing – some of the cameras are no longer in our collection, but at the time of the post they were. I’m glad to hear that you enjoy our posts!
      Thanks again… Chris
      P.S. We enjoy your photography and posts too!

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  1. Hi, just love reading your article about Fujipet35. I just luckily found one in a vintage store here in our town and its in good condition with leather case. I’m trying to look for more article about the camera but theres only few. I would like to aak why is that theres only few information regarding the camera? Is it that really rare that others are telling?

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    1. Hello and thanks for your comments. You didn’t say where you’re town is, but the Fuji Pet was only available in Japan in the late 1950s so they were not sold in the U.S. Any Fuji Pet found here was brought over from Japan. They’re not rare but they’re not common either.
      Does your camera work? If it does you should put some 120 film in it and have some fun. Good luck!


      1. oh, im sorry. i live in Philippines. the one that i got was a fujipet35 with 135 film. yes. i already checked the shutter and all the mechanism and i think its in working condition. i have no available film right now to try it but some other time if i can buy will try it. im kind of excited to try it and its result. 😊

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