Jacksonville’s Airport – 1947

I believe this image is from around 1947 – I’m not positive about the exact date but there are many signs that it’s at least the late 1940s. Eastern Air Lines operated DC-3’s until about 1953.

This picture was taken at a local Jacksonville hotel which had on display a series of historical photos of J’ville back in the day. The image is of an Eastern DC-3 parked on the ramp in front of the Imeson Control Tower at the Jacksonville Imeson Airport.

20190225_170004 (1)

This colorized postcard was made from that image and was a well-known postcard of the day depicting Jacksonville. I believe the title on the card is wrong as the airport was not known as the Jacksonville Municipal Airport post World War II.


Make note of the Sailor walking towards the building (lower left) – a common site around the airport as Jacksonville is a “Navy Town”.

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