Vintage Japanese Leather Camera Cases

Here’s a small sample of some pretty rare (or at least super hard to find) leather cases from the late 1930s to the mid-1950s.


Coolest camera logo ever! Pluto 7


From Konishiroku (later became Konica) Semi-Pearl 4.5x6cm folding medium format 120 roll film camera – ca. 1938

The Semi-Pearl was the first camera made in late 1938. As I understand, there were other models made during the war, and after that became somewhat popular. Still, finding a leather case from the thirties is super rare as most have fallen apart.


Konishiroku Konilette (later became Konica) 35mm compact film camera – ca. 1953

This Konilette used a 35mm film without sprocket holes so the image was just a tad larger than a traditional 35mm image size.


Shichiyo Kogaku of Tokyo Pluto Six P medium format folding 120 roll film camera – ca. 1955

As I understand it, there were only two camera models made by Shichiyo – the Pluto Six P and the Pluto Six L. The cameras are super rare so finding an intact leather case after all these years is hyper rare. The “Pluto 7” logo derives from the Japanese word for seven – shichi which is part of the company name and is considered good luck.

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If you have one (or all) of these cameras then you’ll appreciate just how rare it is to find the cases in excellent condition. Thanks for stopping by and have a wonderful weekend! – Chris

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