New in the Shop – Saturday Specials

I’ve added some really neat cameras in my Etsy-supported camera shop, CC Design Studios. As always, I have an eclectic mix of classic cameras and gear all fully tested and ready for your adventures. A few examples are shown below.

CC Design Studios at

Just arrived!
As nice as new!

The Polaroid OneStep was recently acquired from another collector who has had it since new. Although I haven’t run a fresh pack of film through it it’s been checked and I see no reason why it wouldn’t enjoy another active life. The new Polaroid company makes all types of film packs for this model which uses the popular Polaroid 600 film (color and black & white). The Nikon L35AF was Nikon’s first autofocus compact 35mm camera in 1983 and one of its most successful in a long line of similar models (One Touch). This one has been thoroughly tested and I’ve shot two rolls of fresh Fujicolor through it. The pictures came out great – I see why this camera has such a good reputation.

How about a couple of super nice Canons? My awesome Canon A-1 1980 Winter Olympics Edition 35mm SLR will come to you as clean as new and fully serviced and tested! The A-1 is a joy to use and with a host of Canon accessories available, it’s the perfect 35mm system camera. This one has been in my collection for years and I’ve decided to pass it along as I just can’t keep all of the cameras I own (or can I?). If you’re looking for a sharp DSLR then you’ll love my Canon EOS 7D with its Canon battery grip it’s the kind of heavyweight DSLR to handle your toughest photographic challenges. Like everything I have in my shop, the 7D is fully tested and ready for you (it was my personal camera for years). It looks and operates like new and includes its original box, instruction booklets, charger, and batteries.

The Olympus SP-800UZ is a wildly capable 14-megapixel bridge camera with an amazing 30x wide-angle optical zoom lens. Its CCD sensor produces film-like images in stunning clarity. How about a 35mm equivalent zoom range of 28-840mm! Full wide-angle to super telephoto and with super macro ability to within 1 cm of the lens!

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