Asahi Pentax H2 – a favorite that I just keep letting go!

Every time I find a good looking H2 I sell it! What’s up with that?

I’ve owned more than a few of these over the years – some worked flawlessly and more than a few had shutter lock-up problems. They accept M42 screw-in lenses (just like my Yashicas) and I certainly have plenty of lenses to choose from but there’s something about the Asahi Pentax SLRs that keeps me moving on from them.

I think they look great, they generally feel good in my hand, and people swear by them. So why do I keep hunting for them only to sell them off after a short while? I usually sell them for just about what I paid for them so it’s certainly not the profit angle.

DSC02250 (2)

I think I know deep down what the reason is… I don’t need to start an Asahi Pentax collection and add to my already bursting at the seems camera collection. I’m not getting any younger so I should be selling, not buying!

Here are a few others that I no longer own –




This one was still mint in its original box but I still let it go.


A great camera that took giant negatives – I shot one roll and put it away. I sold this one about four years ago (it was so nice I was afraid to ding it).


So when I’m bored I peek and poke around the Asahi Pentax aisles of my favorite auction sites – maybe I’ll stumble on a keeper one of these days, or maybe not. 


Thanks for stopping by! – Chris

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