Canon Data Back F for the Canon F-1

One of those must-have items from my younger days. When I purchased my first Canon F-1 in July 1978 there were many additional bits of gear that I wanted to add to it. My first purchase was the Canon FD 24mm f2.8 S.S.C. wide-angle lens followed by the Canon FD 80-200mm f4 S.S.C. telephoto zoom lens. Carol got her Canon AE-1 by December so after that we were pretty well set. But I kept wanting a few more bits – the Canon Data Back F was one of them.

Fast forward thirty years and a few months and I finally got my wish.


Complete set from 1980.

It’s been on display with my other Canon bits in my camera collection – unused but at least I have it!


In pristine factory fresh condition and fully functional too.

It’s time to downsize my collections so this still new in the box Canon accessory is now available for purchase in my camera shop at


A fresh battery installed and fully tested.

It’s designed to replace the film door back on the original Canon F-1.


The little window houses the LED that imprints the film.


All sorts of combinations of dates, data, digits, and letters can be imprinted.


A sturdy plastic case is a perfect home for the back when not in use or on display.


The original instruction booklet from 1979. Pictured is the Data Back for the A Series of cameras.

So there you have it. If you’ve been looking to add this wonderful Canon collectible to your Canon collection now’s the time to do so. It’s as clean and new as it looks (the pics are from just the other day) and it’s ready to use (or display). Check it out in my shop at

Thanks! – Chris

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