Yashima Sales Brochure… 1956

In just 3 short years, Yashima beat the odds and became a Japanese camera company that lasted long enough to produce multiple models. In the case of this sales brochure from 1956 – the Yashica Flex B, A and Yashica-Mat twin-lens reflex cameras.


Well designed sales brochure from the little company that became Yashica.

Not that we’ve seen a ton of sales brochures from other Japanese camera manufacturers from this era, but we think this was rather provocative for the mid 1950s (at least in the US we would think). This brochure was intended for the home market and the culture of Japan is a tad less uptight about things like this.


Lovely model on the back cover of the brochure.

The first page inside the brochure in packed with information not typically found in a brochure. Yashima was, in our opinion, marketing itself beyond what such a young company would normally look like. These series of Yashica Flex Photography books were excellent creations that went far beyond a simple owner’s guide.


You’ve got the year (1956), two examples of the Yashica Flex Photography books and some prices of the cameras.


Last inside page of the brochure depicting Yashima’s new modern factory in Suwa, Nagano Prefecture, Japan.

Yashima was a very proud company and they were eager to show how much they grew since 1953.

Thanks so much for your visit. The goal of our blog is to stimulate discussion and further the knowledge of all things Yashima-Yashica. Please share your comments with us… we’d be happy to read them. One final thought, we share our brochures with others and ask that you do not copy or post our images into your blog or post without permission. Thanks!

Chris & Carol

4 thoughts on “Yashima Sales Brochure… 1956

  1. Enjoy the reads. Became a pentamaniac last year when I came across one in a Poconos antique shop. Something immediately struck me when handling it; checking the shutter speed and lens condition. Everything functioned as it should and the lens was, to my surprise, fungus free, considering the humidity of the region.

    Have you considered doing an instructional video on the Pentamatic?

    Thank you for the articles and info.



    1. Hey PF… Thanks for your comments and suggestion. It is funny how whenever someone actually holds a Pentamatic for the first time they get that feeling that they have something unique in their hands. It is so unlike the SLRs that came after or before it. Glad to hear that you found a good one. Would you mind letting me know what the body serial number is? And the lens SN too. I haven’t seen fungus or mold as a problem with the standard lens and I’ve seen them from moist Japan to Florida. I did get some Pentamatic lenses from Hawaii that did have a ton of fungus but not the f/1.8 5.5cm.
      I don’t think that I’ll do a video anytime in the near future (thanks for the idea). I am putting together a book on the Pentamatic now so we’ll see where that leads.
      R/ Chris
      P.S. I like the ‘Pentamaniac’! Awesome.


    1. Thanks for the info PF! That puts your Pentamatic as made in October 1960 and it was number 11,918 off the line starting in December 1959. The lens serial number is a tad higher for the camera but Tomioka Optical cranked out more lenses than Yashica did bodies by October (14,306).


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