More Yashima Flex – The Dark Knight

The Yashima Flex represents Yashima’s first TLR with their name on it – their true first TLR was the uniquely named Pigeonflex.

Here are a small collection of studio images of the aptly named The Dark Knight.

25262272564_d4dcebb6c5_o (1)

Studio camera: Fujifilm FinePix S9900W

25271445622_d2455a93b9_o (1)

This Yashima Flex is the best TLR from any manufacturer in our collection. It is in pristine condition and is fully operational.

25297161411_6ed34c9d99_o (1)

The attention to even the smallest details like the metal lens cap shows that Yashima was serious about building the best quality cameras at the best price (a great value for the customer). 

25318404703_dcb8344dbc_o (1)

The lenses were supplied by Tomioka Optical and the shutter was from NKS. As you can see from this 1954 made camera the company name was Yashima Kogaku Seiki Co., Ltd. and they produced their TLRs in a small factory in Nagano Prefecture along the shores of Lake Suwa in the small town of Suwa (the east shore of the lake).

I purchased this camera from a collector in Japan who apparently had it on display in a controlled environment as the camera has done well over these past six-plus decades.

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